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We have a special approach to extermination ants from your home or place of business. The insecticide baits that we use are both in granulated and liquid form. Ants gather the bait as food, and bring it back to the nest. The ants will eat the bait and the poison will spread through the colony.

What does an ant colony consist of?

Ants live in giant social colonies with one or more fertile females, known as the queen. There are also fertile males in the colony, referred to as drones. The colony as a whole consists of a division of labor, of sorts, and the ants communicate through the use of pheromones.

What ants look like:

Ants can be as small as one third of an inch, or as big as two inches. Most ants are red or black. Ants have three body sections, distinct antennae, and six legs.

How do ant colonies spread?

Because of their adaptability and organization, ant colonies are able to flourish almost anywhere. Ants are very mobile, and will frequently move their colonies.

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