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Let us help you get rid of bedbugs today.

We offer a four step plan to eliminating bedbugs. Our pest management service has a plan to eliminate bedbugs from your home.

Our bedbug elimination service begins with inspection.

Inspection is the first step to getting rid of bedbugs from your home. We perform a thorough inspection of your home, no matter the size. We'll start the inspection at the bed and work our way throughout the rest of your home. Bedbugs can hide out in mattresses, furniture, picture frames, clothing, and many other places - we'll do a thorough inspection of all parts of your home.

The second step of eliminating bedbugs is to prepare for the extermination process.

Extermination is an extensive process, and there can be a lot of preparation involved. Your entire home or unit will be vacuumed thoroughly. Each and every piece of bedding as well as clothing will have to be washed in hot water, dry cleaned, or thrown out. Other items such as furniture, wall units, dresser drawers, pocketbooks, shoes, and more will need to be vacuumed as well.

Upon being cleaned and vacuumed, every item must be sealed away in double plastic bags to prevent further infestation. Anything that gets removed from your home will have to be sealed in a plastic bag before being thrown out, also for the purpose of preventing infestation to other parts of your home, or other units in your building.

Download this helpful checklist on preparing your home for bed bug treatment (PDF Format).
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After inspection and preparation, the treatment process will begin.

If you live in an apartment building, perimeter walls to adjacent units will be treated, which creates a chemically-induced barrier over which the infestation cannot spread. Then, we use insecticides to destroy all eggs, prevent any possible reproduction, and eradicate the bedbugs for good.

The next step of the process is to perform any necessary structural modifications.

We may recommend minor structural modifications to your home. These can include the sealing of moldings, window frames, baseboards, or any other areas that can allow bedbugs access from one unit to another.

Learn more about bedbugs.

Areas that are close to human habitation are most likely to be infested by bedbugs. Bedbugs hide in box springs, mattresses, furniture and other places, and emerge at night while you're sleeping.

100 years ago, bedbugs were relatively common. They became less and less common, and were virtually nonexistent for a few decades. Recently, they have made a resurgence, possibly because we travel more and more as a society as time passes.


What do bedbugs look like?

Bedbugs can be varying shades of red and brown, and are no bigger than 3/16 of an inch. Bedbugs have six legs.

Why do bedbugs spread?

Producing 3-5 eggs per day, a mature bedbug usually produces about 28 eggs in a week, and 120 in a month. It takes the offspring about 30 days to mature, and continue the cycle. Bedbugs can live anywhere from 12 to 18 months and may go a year or more without feeding. Bedbugs reproduce and "replenish" very quickly, which makes them very hard to control.

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Bedbug Extermination - Glendale, NY - Metro Pest Control

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