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Do you have an unwelcome infestation of cockroaches in your home or business?

Let us help you get rid of your cockroach problem today.

Through the greater New York area, cockroaches can infest family homes, apartments, and commercial properties. No matter what type of building is infested, we can help rid it of all cockroaches and harmful pests.

We specialize in treating cockroach infestations.

Our experts take a different approach to eliminating cockroaches than many other exterminators. Using a combination of dusts, traps, baits, and sprays, we attack your pest problem from all angles. All practices we use are both effective and safe, and will leave your home or business 100% cockroach free.

A little more about cockroaches...

With over 4,000 total species of cockroaches in existence, even experienced exterminators like us occasionally see something we haven't seen before. German cockroaches are the most common variety of cockroaches in the northeastern United States.

All cockroaches are nocturnal, and hide from light when exposed to it. Many times, in a home, cockroaches will create nesting sites in secluded, dark areas, and will survive by eating food out of garbage or on dirty dishes.

What does a cockroach look like?

A cockroach can be as small as a thumbnail, or as much as 3.5 inches long. Cockroaches have four wings, the outermost of which serve as a hard shell of protection. They can move very quickly, and often hide in dark crevices and smaller cracks.

How do cockroaches spread and infest?

A female cockroach is able to reproduce every two months, and can produce 20 or more hatching eggs. In prime conditions, a cockroach can live for about six months.

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