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Metro Pest Control provides prevention and elimination services for rodents, including rats and mice.


We offer a three step plan to prevent rodent infestation. This includes:

Basement inspections

We will perform a full inspection of your basement. This includes searching for openings in concrete flooring, inspecting weather stripping, and inspecting cracks in walls. Smaller rodents need only as little as half of an inch of space to squeeze through a crack.

Complete elimination of nesting sites.

Nesting sites attract rodents to your home. We'll help you identify what a nesting site is, and we'll get rid of them for you. Basic steps you can take include covering all garbage areas (possibly using metal garbage containers), or cleaning up when food particles are dropped on the ground.

We'll train you to identify rodents.

We'll help you or your maintenance staff look for signs such as droppings, torn garbage bags, rub marks, and more.

We'll eliminate all rodents from your home or business.

How we eliminate rodents in your home or place of business depends directly on the type of infestation. Depending on how many rodents you may have, what type of building you're in, or how much space you have, we will customize what types of traps we use to get rid of your rodent problem in the most effective manner.


Put our three-step prevention service to work for your home or business. Call 866-600-2127 today or fill out our quick online service request form.

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