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Raccoons, squirrels and opossums can carry disease, attract other pests and create significant property damage, such as gnawed wires. Metro Pest Control is a leader in nuisance wildlife removal and our system consists of three steps. First, we do a complete inspection and note any access points that need to be sealed. Then, we remove all of the animals that are nested in the structure using humane live traps.


Raccoons are nocturnal animals that eat plants, small animals and garbage. They build nests in attics and another secluded areas. It is important to remove a nesting raccoon as they carry fleas, ticks, parasites and rabies. They have strong claws and can tear through home insulation.

What they look like

Raccoons are 16–28 inches in length and have dexterous front paws. They are easily identified by their facial mask and dense, gray fur.


Squirrels are excellent climbers and are persistent at gaining access to a structure in which they want to establish a nest. Once established, it is very difficult to force them out. They can be very destructive and will gnaw through wood or electrical wiring with relative ease. They are active during the day and feed on nuts, wild fruit, acorns and tree buds.

What they look like

Squirrels are lean and have large puffy tails. They will run from people and animals and can climb quickly.


Opossums are slow-moving, nocturnal marsupials. They take shelter in abandoned burrows, hollow trees, garages and attics. Their diet is varied, consisting of insects, worms, grubs, fruit and grain. They will eat food discarded by people if available. Opossums are immune to the venom of snakes and other animals and will play dead if threatened.

What they look like

Opossums range in size and can be as large as a household cat. They have very long, pointed tails, soft fur, and angular snouts.

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