Metro Pest Control Inc.

Effective Pest control in NYC
Finding a good exterminator is sometimes difficult in NYC. At Metro Pest Control, you can find the right exterminators for your pest control concerns. We even have bed bug exterminators on hand. When you live in an apartment complex, it is common for bed bugs to leave one nest and enter your domain. After this happens the pest usually moves to the next habitat next door. When you hire Metro Pest Control we make sure there is no recurring pest problems for you or your neighbors.
Some of the more common requests in NYC are for mice control. In the winter months, your home or business may be bothered by many types of pests looking for shelter. When they come into your home, they are attracted to the food you cook and warm climate of your home. This becomes their favorable environment for breeding. Metro Pest Control locates where they nest and how they get into your home. Each mice exterminator is fully experienced at finding hard to reach hiding spots. Wherever there is a sign of infestation, we guarantee that an exterminator from Metro Pest Control Inc. will solve the problem.
Eco-Friendly Options
Metro Pest Control is a leading provider of eco-friendly pest control. We offer eco-friendly service utilizing environmentally safe botanical pesticides. These options are available to you because we believe in limiting any exposure to chemicals. These environmental options are optimal for people who plan to be present when we exterminate the pests in your location

For more  information, or to request service in NYC,  call us at 1(866) 600-2127 for same day service. 

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