Metro Pest Control in Queens County

Are you tired of being plagued by pests in your Queens County residence or business?  If so, you need an exterminator that will rid your location of all pests and effectively eliminate the possibility for them to return. Here at Metro Pest Control, our exterminators are certified and trained professionals who will work hard to get rid of all infestations. 
Bed Bug Exterminators
Bed bugs can be easily spread in hotels, motels, and  apartment buildings. They move from habitat to habitat creating nests from one room to the other. Metro Pest Control bed bug exterminators have the the right solutions to end your infestation and prevent it from happening again.
Mice Exterminator
During winter,  vermin set out to find shelter and it is our job to keep them from finding yours. At Metro Pest Control, we can help you prevent mice infestations as well as providing treatments and solutions to keep them out of your home. If you need immediate service,  you can call us for a sameday extermination request. After you session is completed, we will tell you where they came from and how you can prevent them from coming back.
Termite Control
If you own a house or live in a apartment with wood beams you might experience termites. Termites can be destructive to your furniture and to the foundation of your home. It is imperative that you contact Metro Pest Control to take care of your termite concerns before a more serious infestation occurs.
Pest control is a necessary requirement in Queens County homes and buildings. When pests invade your home it is only natural to hire a professional to help you remove them. We are the professionals you can trust for all of your pest control needs. Call Metro Pest Inc. at (866) 600 2127 today!

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