Metro pest Control is the best pest exterminator in Queens, providing end to end solutions to residential, as well as commercial properties. Our expertise and professional service ensure complete eradication of the pests with eco-friendly treatments and methods. The expert team of professionals at Metro Pest is efficient in dealing with every kind of pest infestation with precision and due diligence.

Our team at Metro Pest will create a customized treatment plan tailored for your household based on the layout of your home and the degree of termite infestation. Our effective termite treatment is safe and used as a foundation to provide a protective barrier around your property. In addition to immediate protection, the treatment also guards against future infestations.

Metro Pest Control offers top-rated termite removal services in Queens with amazing and long-lasting results. Our technicians and experts use the best techniques and solutions to ensure your home or office gets the best termite treatment at great and competitive pricing, depending on the level of infestation and size of the rooms.

Termite Extermination & Control Services in Queens

Termites are small insects with straight, beadlike antennas. They are economically significant to cause immense structural damage to buildings and properties. Metro Pest Control, being one of the leading termite removal companies in Queens, aims to provide efficient termite control services to all infested homes. Our specialists will initiate the procedure by:

  • Performing a thorough examination of your home with the risk areas that may attract an infestation.
  • Implement the treatments and solutions as per the existing as well as potential termite infestation
  • Our specialists will implement a protection plan to monitor and help protect your home for any future signs of termite activity.

We take into use liquid termite barriers, in-ground termite baits, foam applications, and structural modifications to eliminate termites and prevent future infestations. Several factors, such as soil conditions and the type of construction, determine which treatment methods are the best. Metro Pest Control performs a comprehensive inspection of your home and prescribes a customized treatment designed to help protect your home in an effective and efficient manner.

Metropest: Reliable Termite Treatment and Inspection Services in Queens

Metro Pest Control exterminators are experienced in handling a wide variety of pest infestations and offers effective and eco-friendly termite treatment solutions in Queens. Throughout the years, we have achieved high success rates of termite removal and control, while being recognized as the leading brands of termite extermination services in Queens.

Striving to deliver the best standards of service and customer care, we offer structured termite inspection solutions and termite treatments for successful termite eradication. We offer guaranteed high-standard of our pest control service, achieving complete extermination with fewer treatments. Our pest technicians have a profound knowledge of the related pest control techniques and have been extensively trained for delivering the safest and best results.

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How they spread

Termites can spread quickly. A queen can produce roughly 1,000 eggs per day by her fourth year of life. Termites enter buildings through cracks, mud tubes, or spaces around plumbing and electrical openings.

Areas we serve

Brooklyn, NYC, Nassau County, Queens County, Manhattan & Bronx